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be amazed


After 15 years of performing it isn`t often that I get surprised! I recently had a SOLD OUT show in Radium BC at the

Horsethief Creek Pub! The audience was amazing! Since I have lots of volunteers in my shows both magic and hypnosis, I get

to get to know people and their personalities, always a ton of fun.  During the hypnosis portion of the show I had some

interesting challenges, there were many people who’s first language was French, of course just meeting someone and

saying hello you don’t know how well they speak English before getting into the induction.  I ended up keeping 2 of the 3

French people, thankfully I speak French.  And didn’t really start to until after one routine where I was to dance with the

spectators and they are to stay in their seats till I ask them to dance.  One of the ladies literally jumped me. I was visibly

shocked and the audience roared! I wasn’t sure what to do I eventually put her to sleep and sat her down which didn’t stop

her since she woke herself up and came at me while dancing with another person and pushed them away. I even said no

violence or touching others at all.  I eventually glued her to her chair and she continued to reach and stretch for me with her

feet! She was an amazing hypnotic subject! Now the best part about being surprised is not the challenge is: if it was a good

thing that happened how do you make it happen every show and make it seem spontaneous? I know in the future will be

asking if French is anyones first language and people will just enjoy with a bilingual show, and perhaps I will find a way to be

jumped again in the future? Maybe you will get to see this experience play out on a stage near you! #BEhypnotized

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